Saturday, March 21, 2009

batik is originaly made in Indonesia

batik indonesia national pride, a identity that inheritted since hundreds last year. pity, this identity threatened because these batiks even also strived for nation other to registerred as their ancestor inheritance.

actually, there's nothing can doubt that batik indonesian property. during two or three latest centuries, batik has haved values expression principal media spiritual and cultural in indonesia. for centuries also batik has been industry that has tall art value. know-how membatik even then be livelihood source.

In global competition, batik as a product of Indonesia, also began to be made by Malaysia, and to protect the product with aggressive batik malaysia through HKI. In Indonesia, the employers propose malaysia complain ats policy is, as with the case where reog and Ponorogo. But until now as we lost the direction, where and how batik as a result of the traditional culture that should be protected. HKI protection regime applicable at present, difficult to protect the traditional and cultural expression.

batik has become part of community life in Indonesia, not only a tradition but batik has become part of the soul and spirit of the nation indonesian, is a picture of the wealth of the nation indonesian tradition that consists of diverse ethnic, diverse tradition.

Batik is not only a fashion clothing that we can every chance acquaintance in batik, but is also a part of the tradition associated directly with a traditional ceremony

even in the first period, in some regions with the motif batik clothes should only be used by certain circles because it was wearing clothes with a batik motif and shows the level of their position in society, and until now there are still some batik motif that should not be used or the general public from the community the bottom

and the current batik has become a pride for the people of Indonesia and is a wealth of old and is a proud tradition of over a magnificent


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